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If you’re looking to replace one missing tooth or several teeth that are beyond repair, then partial or full dentures may help to restore your smile, boost your self confidence, and improve your oral health. Dentures improve smiles and improve lives. By replacing missing or damaged teeth with dentures, your food choices increase significantly since …

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Fixed dentures

Fixed Dentures – What to Expect | Tulsa OK

When you lose a tooth or multiple teeth, it is best to restore your smile with the latest tooth replacement technology.  For many, fixed dentures are the best smile enhancement treatment because of the durability and functionality.  Understanding the Procedure The surgery to place dental implants that support a fixed denture is a simple, routine …

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dental implant restorations

How Dental Implant Restorations Can Enhance Your Smile in Tulsa OK

Whether you are missing a tooth or have several teeth that are beyond repair, restoring your smile will not only have a positive effect on your self-confidence but also your oral health. This is why many dentists now offer restorative dental procedures to improve their patients’ smiles for healthier teeth and gums. With dental implant …

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Background and Credentials Joseph Massad, DDS is an internationally renowned clinician in the field of prosthodontics. He has lectured literally around the world. Named one of the top clinicians in CE for 2000-present by Dentistry Today, and recipient of the 2006 Chicago Dental Society “Gordon J. Christensen Recognition Lecturer Award.” Massad regularly lectures at meetings …

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