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Clear communication and generous information are important to Dr. Joseph J. Massad, DDS and the rest of our team. We want our patients to be well-equipped before and when they come to our office. This is why we like sharing patient experiences through photos and videos to provide prospective patients with glimpses into the care we provide at our office. For the same reason, we make sure we are transparent about our professional integrity and medical confidentiality. With such steps, you can rest assured that you are in good hands when you choose our dental practice. 

When you are ready to work with us to improve your dental health, we invite you to fill out a registration form, as well as provide us with your medical history. It is important we know what brought you to our office, but this is only part of how we learn about your situation. Every detail relevant to your oral and general health makes a difference in how we provide you with appropriate solutions.

Watch Doctor and Patient Interviews

We love our doctors and patients and are so grateful several of them agreed to participate in video interviews. By sharing their experiences, they allow our new and future patients to learn more about our office and the dental specialists who will help them. 

Their generosity speaks of the care our doctors put into the treatments we provide and the trust our patients have in us. We don’t take this for granted because our patients and their successes remind us to always be and do better to bring more smiles into the world.

Check Out Our Photo Gallery

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a common saying, but we firmly believe it is true! We are happy to share photographs of our patients over the years! Thanks to their kindness, you can see for yourself how satisfied they are with our dental solutions, compassionate service, and their newly improved smiles. 

Our Medical Integrity and Your Patient Rights

Dr. Joseph J. Massad, DDS and our team take our responsibility as medical providers seriously. Your peace of mind is our goal. We are legally required to follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Our compliance means we respect the HIPAA rules about privacy, security, and breach notification

We invite you to review our HIPAA information when choosing us for your dental care. We want you to understand what it means for our legal duty, how we may use and disclose health information, your rights as a patient, and what your options are for questions and concerns. 

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