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Dental Exams Are Part of Our Dentures and Implants Services

Dental exams are very important in preventive health care. Checkups can make a huge difference in the future of your oral health. During a dental exam, your dentist will review your current health and look for signs of things to address that may help you avoid future issues. We provide you with a dental exam no matter the type of services your case requires. 

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Why Do We Perform Dental Exams?

Our team believes in the importance of dental exams, which are a foundational part of the patient-focused care we provide at our Tulsa office. Even if you visit us for a specific concern, we want to make sure we get the whole picture of your dental situation to provide you with the appropriate treatment solution.

The dental exams we provide when you visit us for dentures and/or implants can help with your overall health. Symptoms of certain conditions can first appear in the mouth and allow you to seek a diagnosis and possible treatment. If we find any signs of disease during your exam, we will recommend that you speak to your doctor.

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"Genius, absolute epic dentistry. I have been his patient for 40 years and am accustomed to his excellence in care and results."


" Genius, absolute epic dentistry. I have been his patient for 40 years and am accustomed to his excellence in care and results. "


What Happens During a Dental Exam?

A dental exam involves multiple steps and tools to be as thorough as possible. During your exam, we will ask you about various things that can impact your situation, such as medications, diet, health conditions, previous replacements, tobacco use, diet, and other lifestyle factors.

Our specialists will evaluate the following:

  • Your overall health and oral hygiene
  • Your risk of tooth and root decay
  • Potential gum or bone disease
  • Your need for tooth repairs or replacement

Your dentist may remove stains on your teeth and show you proper cleaning techniques for your teeth and/or dentures. They may take dental x-rays to see details that are otherwise invisible during the dental exam. Yearly oral cancer screenings are also an important part of the checkup process. Finally, your dental provider will determine if other diagnostic procedures are necessary, based on your situation and medical history.

An Important Note on Dental Exams with Us

No matter what type of dental solutions you come to see us for, Dr. Joseph J. Massad, DDS and our team will make sure to provide a comprehensive dental exam to check your overall situation. However, we do not offer routine dental exams or cleanings as a separate service and don’t schedule visits for these reasons only. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to helping you with implants and/or dentures!

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