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Dr. Joseph J. Massad, DDS understands that every patient’s situation is different and makes sure to offer several options for dentures to meet individual needs. With the advancement of dental technology, you now have more solutions available when you need dentures. Implant-supported removable dentures are a good compromise between fixed and traditional dentures: they fit more securely than traditional ones but still require to be taken out every night.

Implant-supported removable dentures are more affordable than fixed dentures, which makes them accessible to a larger number of people who want to improve their dental health in their older years or because of medical conditions. Patients may also choose this type if their jawbone doesn’t meet the requirements for a permanent denture. Indeed, the lower number of implants required for a removable denture makes it a viable solution for more types of cases.

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Types of Implant-Supported Removable Dentures

When choosing removable implant-supported dentures, you have two options: bar-retained and ball-retained. Both types have similar results but the ways the implants connect to the dentures are different. Our team can talk with you and answer your questions to figure out which one would meet your needs. 

In the case of bar-retained dentures, the dentist will attach a slim metal bar, which follows the shape of your jaw, to two to five implants placed into the jawbone. The denture is attached to the bar and the attachments clip it securely into its place. Ball-retained dentures get their name from the ball-shaped attachments on the implants that fit into sockets on the base of the denture. 

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"Genius, absolute epic dentistry. I have been his patient for 40 years and am accustomed to his excellence in care and results."


" Genius, absolute epic dentistry. I have been his patient for 40 years and am accustomed to his excellence in care and results. "


What You Can Expect

Implant-supported removable dentures require two surgeries, generally under local anesthesia. The first one focuses on fitting the implants into the jawbone. Dentists commonly place them at the front due to bone health in this part of the mouth. It also helps to avoid nerves and other structural interferences with the implants.

Modern dental implants and medical technology often allow a one-stage procedure to place both supporting bar and implants in the case of bar-retained removable dentures. Three to six months later, a second surgery will expose the top of the implants so they can connect to the bar or to the denture itself in the case of the ball-retained solution. The overall time frame of the process also varies between the upper and lower jaw, with the upper one requiring more time.

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